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Leading & Managing Successfully

3 day workshop run as an open event or delivered & tailored specifically for individual organisations. 

Workshop Summary

‘Leading & Managing Successfully’ is a thought-provoking, enjoyable, participative and practice-changing course designed for managers wishing to understand how to increase their effectiveness and enhance team performance, morale and retention and prevent staffing problems from occurring.


The objectives are that by the end of the course each delegate will have a strong understanding of:


     what theory, research and the group itself believe to represent ‘Best Practice’ leadership

     any barriers which explain why they may not lead in the ways being considered as best practice, and the ways in which those barriers can be overcome

     what motivates staff and, therefore, how they can best motivate their team

     what are the underlying causes of poor conduct, performance and attendance and how they can prevent many such problems and minimise the impact of problems they are unable to prevent

     how they can most effectively communicate various messages to individuals or groups of staff and how they can most effectively organise, lead and chair meetings

     how to lead though Change

     how to praise and critique

     how to monitor and supervise

     how to engage and empower staff

     the other various leadership and management skills which they may need to further develop, as well having a chance to practice some of those skills in a non-threatening environment (no role play!).


In addition, by the end of the course each delegate will have:


     tested ‘Best Practice’ leadership and management within a number of challenging contexts

     reflected on their own and others experiences

     gained a clear insight into ways in which they can enhance the commitment and performance of their team

     developed a sufficient understanding of those aspects of employment law they need to have an awareness of for the purposes of day to day staff management

      produced a personal action plan


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